DirectSOFT32 - Programming

DirectSOFT32 - Programming 5.3

Accesses and programs the work of programmable logic controllers
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Work with the scenarios and functionality of different types of PLCs. Access their settings and configure them for a specific task, disable separate controllers or create a multi-device system. The suite supports all of the DirectLOGIC families of PLCs.

DirectSOFT32 is full-featured PLC programming package that supports all of the DirectLOGIC families of PLCs, including all DL05, DL06, DL105, DL205, DL305, DL405, and all of their Koyo cousins from GE, TI and Siemens.
DirectSOFT32 includes:
- Support for new DL06 and D2-260 CPUs
- ASCII in/out and MODBUS instructions for DL06 and D2-260 CPUs
- Support for new DL205 local I/O expansion system in D2-250-1 and D2-260 CPUs
- Support for new LCD instructions in the DL06 CPU
- Project backup feature and preferences with auto-backup settings for "file freshen" frequency
- Import/export program (mnemonics and rung comments) allows for archiving a program in a single TXT file that does not need to be in the form of a DirectSOFT32 file format.
- Export to EZTouch/Text operator interface CSV import format (nickname, type, PLC address) to use the same tags in our PLC program and operator interface configuration.
Main features:
- Program editing features
- Full-screen point and click editing with the mouse and icons
- Browsers help you find proper addresses, contacts, coils, and box instructions.
- Win98/NT/2000/XP features (tear-off toolbars, ToolTips, long filenames, common file browsers)
- Project information data with each project including creation and save dates, links, PLC type, project description and version, and company/department/programmer.
- On-screen cross reference
- Access V-memory (Data Registers) with fill-in-the-blank Memory Editor
- Easily cut and paste program elements, single rungs, or groups of rungs
- Search for program elements by name, address, rung number, or instruction type
- Documentation features
- Import/export program mnemonics and rung comments to a single TXT file that does not have to be in DirectSoft32 format
- Grid-based documentation editor for easy access
- 6-line x 16-character address description provides more detailed information about the program element
- Rung comments can be up to 20 lines of 69 characters each
- Cut, copy, and paste documentation between program elements
- Import/Export feature for document
- Printing features
- Print any available view, including ladders, charts, and mnemonics
- Print multiple columns
- Use zoom to enlarge or reduce print size
- Preview the printouts before you send them to the printer
- Create custom printouts by selecting exact items to include for each view
- Print program documentation, including nicknames, descriptions, rung comments, etc.
- Print program Cross Reference or Element Usage Table
- Print PLC V-memory or Data Register contents
- Display and viewing features
- View program ladders, program mnemonics
- Stage view available for programs created with RLLPlus instruction
- View multiple programs at the same time
- Use split screen to view different sections of the same program
- Customize display colors for editing, unsaved changes, documentation, etc.
- System setup features
- Set up PID loops with easy-to-use dialog boxes
- Change PLC mode of operation
- Clear PLC memory by type or all
- Select or change retentive memory ranges
- Read PLC I/O configuration, or change I/O configuration (if allowed by the PLC)
- Set PLC communication parameters through PC ports, modems, or Ethernet
- View PLC firmware revisions

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